Wednesday, 19 January 2011


"You know what mis-shapes are don't you? They're the chocolates that aren't considered perect enough to go in the fancy boxes. They don't conform to the expectations of what a 'proper' chocolate should be - there's something different, a little strange, a little . . . MIS-SHAPEN about them."

This book is a catalogue of kids having fun.
full of school girl crushes, sweaty boys, tight pants, elegant-slutty girls, cool hair, glam depravity and even people sucking o the microphone.
the three ingredients sex, drugs and rock & roll (and good hair)
each picture tells a story of the boy or girl indulging our fantasies.
they are a free-floating inspiration for updating style.
the essential truth about club culture is not that a velvet rope exists to keep the rabble from the royals but are a site where rabble becomes royalty. no one looks like a asshole, everyone in this book looks authentically cool. also featuring some o the coolest of the cool - Agness Deyn, Chloe Sevigny, M.I.A, The Virgins, Peaches and many others.
owning this book since I was 17, was such an eye-opener for me and told me to cross boundaries without looking back. every time I open it I see something new.


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