Thursday, 20 January 2011

13.A.P.C Resort 11

Jean Touitou launched A.P.C (atelie de production et de creation) in 1986.
he made simple & chic casual wear for men and women.
which at that time made quite a fuss compared to the maxima fashion of the 80's.

A.P.C remains on the a pillar of coolness even today.
Its urban staples scream "I look effortless.... even though I spent an hour in front of the mirror". Its the cool boys and girls destination for Breaton - striped sweaters and denim. With the likes of Alexa Chung stepping out in their dungarees, You know u cant go wrong with this hipster Parisian fashion line.
The resort collection for 2011 seems to keep it simple for the boys, taping into the colour blocking and minimalism trends.

While for the chick's its the same but with a lot more denim.
she’s got nice hair hasn't she...

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