Sunday, 20 February 2011

38. D.i.Y

Last week i bought a whole load of studs off Ebay.
all diferent sized cones and skulls
(the skulls look ace but a tad to goth of me)
so i tryed my hand at some d.i.y customization.

black shirt with studded collar

vintage backpack with studded pockets.

think i did a pretty neat job.
going to try some other things
this week. oh and that leather jacket
i was talking about actually turned out
to be horrendous and i had to bring it back.
i just don't think they are very "ME".
so the search is OFF till further notice...
on the other hand im now enjoying
shopping on (the male version of net-a-porter)
as a founding member. score.


  1. ammmmmmaaaaazing backpack!!
    x mc

  2. ok that backpack is sooo awesome! i would buy it off of you if i could...can i? haha
    x mc

  3. I love the studded collar, it looks so good