Wednesday, 2 February 2011

28. OC , Levi's & Terry


Opening Ceremony has yet aonother collaboration this spring, with the kings of denim.... Levi's, the pictures above are a fun glimpse into the latest collaboration shot buy Terry Richardson starring Anais Pouliot and actor PJ Ransone. its a totaly fresh collection , i love the chambrays and peachy tones rounding out the perfect combination of OC and Levi's. they alway seem to know how to make a killer collaboration like when they mixed it up with pendleton. To bad they don't have a store in the uk. seems like i shall have to stick it out paying those custom's charge's.


  1. Like the hairs style, and some of skirts
    Lovely collection!

  2. opening ceremony alway have such nice clothes and the styling is great, i love the hair aswell.