Tuesday, 18 January 2011

9.J.W Anderson

This man has stole my dreams.
can't belive hes from Northen Ireland.

ive been after something from the a/w 10 collection
for a while now. but its constantly sold out and at
£200 for a top, the money never seems to stay with me long enough.
but it would be worth it for the hand embroidered heart t-shirt.

The Engraved Horn I'm With You Ring \is rad.
and the SS11 Festival Bootsare breath taking
covered in Swarovski Crystals at the Toe.

I'd defently suggest having a nosey at the lastest collection s/s 11.
(below a/w 10)

can't wait to see a/w 11 in February.
Bring on the boys.

top photos taken from j.w anderson.com

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