Sunday, 30 January 2011

25. ELLE and Bleach


In this months ELLE UK the girls from wahh nails and Bleach
are in for the Style Spy. these girls are cool. an elite in tread-setting and GREAT HAIR. these girls have highly popularized the whole Dipped dyed situation that’s going on in the "hip" crowd and with a salon inside Topshop oxford street no wonder they're popular.
not to mention they're rad dress sense (i mean who would have thought that a vintage Dior jacket and caterpiller boots would have went together....). The 1990's and the skater-grunge look seem to be a big inspiration to them and the name "bleach" coming from the Nirvana song., with Kurt Cobain and his messy bleached "bob". Click the pic below take a close up look at the two page spread below to see them in all there glory.

and.... Wahh nails is pretty cool to,
well jarrus's thumb's seem to think soo.

top two images from Bleach london

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