Thursday, 27 January 2011

23. finders keepers

I'M a horrendous horder.
I keep everything.
and once I see something in a shop I have to have it.
if I don't, I keep thinking about it
knowing someone who doesn’t love it as much as me might get it.
above are a few bits I’ve had that feeling for.
its such a thrill searching and searching through rails of
second hand clothes looking for that something, u don’t know what it is. but u know that its it when u see it.
and the rush I get from taking it home and calling it mine
that’s why I choose true vintage most of the time.

Picture 1 - Vintage Oscar De La Renta jacket.
Picture 2 - Vintage Dior Cardie.
Picture 3 - Vintage YSL Cardie and shirt.


  1. Omg, love your blog name.

  2. I LOVE the colour of the Dior cardie, so cute! x

  3. thanks.
    tried to do something different! :)

    i know i also found another in a blue its really cool, but i just love camel and nude colours at the moment!

  4. Hi! I'm a self confessed horder too!!! Plus love Urban Outfitters, it's definately one of the shops i miss form England!
    Lets folllow each other :)

    Love Charlie

  5. its so bad when u have no more room for everything lol i constantly have a floor-drobe...
    im now following you Charlie!! :)


  6. Hello!

    I just got your message on IFB, nice to meet you.

    I'm a hoarder too, I dread moving house!
    I always say hoarders are very creative, stylish people :)

    I've been looking for a bow tie like that for ages!



  7. Thats a nice way of looking at it lol.
    i got it in topman i love the deers on it :)

    senan x

  8. nice blog
    lovely pics

  9. i love the second one!!! perfect for class!

  10. yeah a denim shirt goes with everything especially camel colours.
    i love denim so much its actually ridiculous....