Wednesday, 26 January 2011

21.Luella Bartley

I believed the Luella brand was young, fresh and fun.
it never followed the trends really, always doing its own thing.
A particularly British style with a quirky underside.
she was once a "poster child for London cool", don’t you know?
the punk-influenced twists are constantly recognizable in her design's,
clothes that look like a gorgeous wardrobe of a particularly cool aristocratic teenager. i myself am just fascinated by English style and that unkempt rock'n'roll dishevelled look with all the other stuff in-between. like i think she even once said. you can go out in these clothes, get drunk in them, fall over in them, be sick in them and still look awesome.

FROM TOP CLOCKWISE: eyeball logo A/W 08, Fox A/W 07, Owen Plummer man A/W 09, high as a kite unknown, Danceing hare A/W 08, Batman S/S 08, crying pyramid A/W 09, Pirate S/S 06.

my favourite ever show of hers has to be the Goth witch show of a/w 08.
I’m very partial to a heavily themed collection its just so interesting.
all the ribbon's and bell's. the witch theme worked so well that season with most other designers going for a more harder look she keeped it soft but with a sick edge. the bags were also amazing! check out this £700 customized Stanford sheepskin satchel after the jump!

Then when she join forces with zine artist Owen Plummer it was the most righteous collection ever! (couldn't help myself buying the £90 key rings from Colette, what was i thinking).

Its just so sad she's stopped designing. Her show's were one of the show's I always looked forward to at London fashion week. That small something that took all the seriousness away from fashion, because after all fashion is meant to be F.U.N


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