Sunday, 23 January 2011

17.Clownland and witches

I was surfing the hordes of shit on the web.
When i came across this Greek-Cypriot designer called Marios Alexander, who’s apparently all up and coming you know...well his SS11 line is pretty impressive. He was inspired by performing arts, the idea of a role. He's exploring how costume can be manipulated into a "fashion statement".

Clownland is meant to reflect the life of modern men, making an alternative perspective on luxury clothing because of its contemporary feel.
This shirt covered from the neck in bells is a sure winner (although the noise would drive anyone insane)

I also watched Sabrina the teenage witch movie today.
God, i loved the 90's. it was soo stinkin ( another word for NAFF ), but soo stinkin it was amazing if you know what i mean? the good kind of ugly.

i loved the bit where she's like to sabrina
And they were.

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